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Fanfictions Written by Kimi

About this Journal

This Journal is for all of my great fanfiction works. It was a way for me to get good ratings as well.


October 8th, 2006

Kai had to teach Angela the Angelic Chronicles code of conduct and other things that were very important; he knoew it would be hard teaching her.

"1. you can't be hold back because you hurt an innocent victim. It happens," He told her, sitting indian style on her bed with a pillow in his lap and her ankle on top.

"Got it,"

Kai put an ice bag over ankle, "Rule #2: Don't be afraid of anything. You must be brave...even when you face your biggest fears. Remember...I'll be right by your side,"

"Thanks," She smiled.

"Silly little girl," He laughed, "Rule #3: We must work together,"


Kai gently started to massage her little toes just so she would start giggling, "You're so cute you know that?"

Angela just smiled at him.

"Does your ankle feel better?" He asked her.

"A little,"

"I'll let you take it easy for a while, okay?"


"Now...back to your turtoring," he smiled gently, "Let's see...Rule #4: You must be strong and you must train for at least three hours a day,"


"Rule #5: Always help those in need and never hold back. Now for the Do's and Don'ts!"

"Do's and Don'ts?"

"Yep, Do everything you can to get innocent people to safety. DON'T start fighting unless you know there isn't anyone around,"


"Now...That's should be all for now, any questions?"

"Who are we fighting for?"

"Well...you see, Heaven and Hell have been fighting for the past 8 years and everytime...we keep losing so you and me are the chosen two that will put an end to it,"



Chosen ones? She thought to herself.

Yeah yeah...same as before...to be continued....XD
Angela felt beat and tired as Kai forced her to do more training; she hated his harsh tone towards if she failed.

"Kai...stop yelling!"

"Well...you need to train more, build up your strength, run nonstop to buiild up agility so you're faster and stronger!"

"I'm tired! I want to rest for a while,"

"You can't rest Angela...it gets you no where!" He told her.

Angela's eyes almost filled with tears; her ankle had hurt so bad, "Kai...my ankle hurts..."

"You'll be fine,"

"No...I'm leaving!" Angela hobbled away on her crutches.

Was I...too harsh? He wondered, feeling guilty deep inside.

Angela fell into on her knees into the soft flower field and cried.

"Angela...can we talk?" He asked her.

"No, leave me alone!" Angela sobbed; she tried to run away but her throbbing ankle made her fall face first almost.

Kai had caught her on time; she pulled away from him and clutched her massive throbbing ankle, crying hard as hard as she could.

Kai's soft touch felt good on her stomach as he gave her a gentle smile; she hesitated to move from where she was as he checked her ankle, "This night hurt a little bit okay?"

Kai put his hand to her foot, "Don't try to bend your knee, just relax," He soothed her as he gently rubbed her leg.

He finally slipped her ankle back in place and she let out a cry.

Kai took her in his arms, "Shhhh...I'm sorry...ok? I really am, I shouldn't have pushed you hard. Especially when your ankle is still recovering."

Angela still didn't want to trust him.

"You forgive me...right?" He pouted.

Angela started to giggle, "All right...I'll forgive you!"

"That's what I wanted to hear!" Kai tickled her to make her giggle even more.

Angela smiled at him.

"I love you, Angel...more than anything in the whole universe," He told her lips.

"I love you too,"

"We'll put off training for few days so your ankle can heal, okay?" He replied; his forehead gnetly resting on hers.


As before....to be continued...
After a week, Angela and Kai had finally become boyfriend and girlfriend they werent very lovey dovey but they flirted alot.

"Let me see your ankle, Angel. We're going to do a little therapy and get it healed up," He smiled.

Angela put her ankle out to him; he took off the ace bandage and started to pressure it.

"Ow!" She cried.

Kai gently put his hand against her foot, "Now...Close your eyes okay?"

Angela closed her eyes.

"Forget everything that's inside your mind and put all of your energy and mind into your ankle and your foot,"

Angela did what he said and her ankle had felt a little better; she could at least limp on it if she tried.

"Is that better?"

"A little,"

"Good, now we can start you're training," he told her.

Angela sat on the ground like an indian and closed her eyes; she held both of Kai's hands and started feeling a surge of power.

"Your powers should be awakened now," He told her.

Angela tested out her powers, "Sunlight prism,"

A gush of light came from her hand and it went straight towards the bushes.

"That's pretty good,"

After hours of training, Angela had learned all her techniques; she felt a throbbing pain in her ankle with all of her massive training.

Kai gave it a gentle massage, making it feel soothed.

"Does it feel better now?" He asked; he had his upper body hanging over her with his arm on the other side of her small body.

Kai stared into her dark brown eyes as they twinkled in the soft sunlight; his lips started to press softly against hers in a soft frenchkiss.

"I think it's time you had a little rest, don't you think?" He smiled.

To be continued....
Kai couldn't really show Angela how to use her powers when she had a bad ankle; he thought it was time she know who he really was.



"Your sensei is my real father," He told her.

"No way..."

"Yeah. Angela...you were 3 months old the day that I had died. I was 4 months. My mom had just came home from the hospital with me and a drunk driver hit us. Both me and my mom died, luckily...my spirit lived on and I went to heaven but I never got to see my mom." Kai felt tears roll down his soft cheeks.

"I'm sorry," She frowned.

"It's not your fault," He smiled gently.

"You're lucky you were wanted by your parents...mine abandoned me."

"Yeah, it sucks huh?" He replied.

"Does Sensei know you exist?"

"He would if he saw me but...I can't face him," He turned away from her.



"I-I I dont know how to say this..." Angela's cheeks turned bright red as she tried hard to form her words.

"You don't hafta say anything, just kiss me." He replied, letting his lips touch hers.

Angela pressed her lips against his and felt a feeling she never felt before; she felt as if her heart was telling her Kai was the one for her.

Angela could feel her heart hammer through her chest; she wanted this moment to last forever.

"Did you feel that?" Kai asked her, blushing just as much as she was.

"Yeah...I did,"

"We're meant to be Angela,"

"Wait....WAIT...we just met! Are yousaying its love at first siight?"


"But...we hardly know each other,"

"Haven't you forgotten? We've been best friends since 3!" He told her.

"I know but...things have changed, Kai. You think we could wait till things sort out first?"


"Now, you must meet your father..."


"Come on!" Angela dragged Kai into the house and made him stand in front of Mr. Kiyoko.

"Angel...is this your new friend?"

"H-Hi d-dad," He stuttered.

Mr. Kiyoko's eyes widened.


"I guess you do remember me dont you?" He replied.

"I would never forget my own son!"

"I'm an angel now. I look over Angela."

"So that's the presence that I felt all these years. Angela always said she had a invisible friend she called Kai. At first I thought she was imagining things...but now I realize it. You two are connected to each other in so many ways." Mr. Kiyoko smiled.

"Yes we are," Kai said.

To be continued....
3 days had passed and Angela finally turned 14; she was going through changes that she never expected.

Angela's body had healed itself quicker than usaul, except for her throbbing badly sprained ankle; she still didnt have a any strength to walk out on it without the massive pain it gave her.

Kai wondered if it was time to explain everything to her; he didnt want her to get scared.

"Angela...you're...you're an angel," Kai told her, appearing onto her bed.

"I'm an angel?" She seemed so confused.

"I'm the dark side of what you are," he tried to tell her.

"What...am I excatly?"

"You're the angel of light,"

Angela blushed madly, "Doesn't that mean...?" she couldnt say what she wanted.

"We'll worry about that later,"

"So...that explains why my body healed so fast?"

"Yes, you have the power of healing and light. As for me, I have the power of pain and Darkness,"

Angela looked at him blankly.

Kai smiled gently and patted her on the head, "You'll get it soon. I'll always be by your side, ok?"

Angela couldnt stop herself from blushing; she had never felt so in love in her life.

"For now...your powers are still growing,"

"They are?"

"Yes, you will need to know how to control them,"


Once Kai left, Angela felt alone; she felt as if she had known him forever.


Angela ran through Mr. Kiyoko's flower fields, only 3 years old; she had her invisible friend by her side.

"Come on, Kai. Let's go!"

"Slow down!" 4 year old Kai had replied.

------End Flashback----

Angela woke up to see Kai sitting on her bed beside her; she couldnt believe that her invisible friend was actaully the one she kept seeing.

"I remember you now..."

"Yeah...now you do," He pouted, looking away from her.

"Sorry, it's been so long, Kai!"

"I know it has," He smiled, gently, "Even when you stopped believing...I still watched over you. After a while, I decided I would be your guardian Angel."

Angela blused madly.

"Anyway, you should get some sleep, you'll have a long day tomorrow,"

I now know who I am...I'm not some loser that has no friends...because now...I have one friend. She thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep.

To be continued.....
Angela hadn't gone to school that next day; she never wanted to go back again. Her life felt so miserable each and every day that she had to go but school wasnt on her mind.

Angela still couldn't figure out who the boy was; she wanted to know answers.

"Tell me...who are you?" She asked the boy.

"My name is Kai. I am 14 years old. You're Angela...13 years old...."

"H-how do you know m-my name?" She asked, blushing a little.

"I just do," Kai shrugged, giving her that same gentle smile.

That smile...it's the same smile Sensei gave me! Are...they connected? She thought.

"Do you know Sensei?"

"Sensei is..." Before Kai could finish, Angela woke up from a dream.

She noticed the picture had disappeared...just like her memory of it. All she remembered was the boy's first name.

I want more answers, Kai! Why can't you tell me who you are? She thought.

You aren't ready for the truth, Angela. That day will come...the day you turn 14. He told her through her mind.

Angela was so confused.

To break her confusion, Mr. Kiyoko came upstairs with good news.

"You wont be going to school anymore," He told her.

"Really?" She smiled happily.

"Nope...instead I'm going to homeschool you," He smiled back.

"Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome."

"Hey Sensei...do you know some named Kai?"

"No...not that I know of, why?" He asked her, with a confused look.

"Just wondering," She said a little sadly.

"Is something wrong, Angel?" He always could tell what was wrong with her.

"Nope, everything's perfectly fine!" She lied.

"That's good to hear. Are you excited about your birthday in three days?" He asked her.

"Yep!" She smiled.

Kai had watched over Angela as she talked with Sensei; he glanced at the baby picture and read the back.

The day you turn 14 is the day of my death, Little miss Angela. He thought to himself.

To be continued once more...
Angela Kiyoko was a 13 year old young girl; she had been abandoned by her parents when she was only three months old. Her 8th grade teacher took her and now she calls him Sensei.

Angela woke up in her canopy bed; it had been covered with pink silk. Her coveres were light pink with light purple bed sheets and light pink pillows that matched her comforter.

Angela's room had light purple walls and matching light pink furniture that went with her bed; her hardwood floor felt cold on her feet as she put on her school uniform.

Her light blue short-sleeve blouse went well with her short dark blue pleaded skirt, white stockings and dress shoes. Her pigtails were put up in dark blue ribbons.

Angela rushed downstairs to eat her breakfast.

"Good morning, Sensei!" She replied with a smile.

"Good Morning, Angel!" Mr. Kiyoko smiled.

After they finished breakfast, it was off to school.

"Look you guys, it's the teacher's pet!" Rei-linn laughed.

Angela slouched in her chair with a frown, holding back her tears; she felt it hard to keep a straight face when her whole 8th grade class laughed.

"That's enough," Mr. Kiyoko scolded them.

Angela smiled.

At Recess time, Angela swung alone; she noticed a young dark blue eyed boy watching her from afar.

This boy looked about her age; he had dark brown spikey hair and wore a black short sleeve zip up vest, black stretch pants and black boots.

His gentle smile mad her small cheeks turn bright red as she looked away.

Who is that boy? She wondered.

Angela looked at him again to see him gone.

He was...hot! She thought, her cheeks still red.

"Angela...look out behind you!" A strange voice said.

"What do you mean?"

"Move it, teacher's pet!" Rei-linn replied, about to kick her off the swing.

Angela found herself in the nurse's office; her eyes filled with lots of tears as her right ankle throbbed with massive pain.

Angela still had a headache from when she had bumped her head and couldnt remember much; she noticed the light pink band-age covering her now stinging scrape on her left knee.

"You're awake!" Mr. Kiyoko smiled.

"W-what happened?" She said, woozingly.

"Rei-linn found you passed out on the ground. You bumped your head really hard on the pole of the swings, scraped up your left knee, and badly sprained your ankle."

"No...that's not true!"

"What do you mean?"

"Rei-linn...she pushed me!"

"Are you sure?"

"Sensei...you know she teases me! She said one day she would beat me up..." Tears filled Angela's eyes as she started to sob in his chest, "I wanna go home! I dont want to be here anymore!"

"We'll go home soon, Angel. You're hurt really badly and you need lots of rest." He smiled.

As soon as they got home, Angela had her bandaged foot up on a few pillows with some ice over it; she was still in alot of pain.

"I want you to rest, okay?" He smiled, gently.

His smile reminded her of the boy she saw.


When Mr. Kiyoko left, she saw a picture on her bed.

Angela looked at the picture and saw a small infant; she turned it over and it had read, 'Kai Kiyomo, age: 4 months'.

Who is this boy? she thought.

To be continued....
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